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“ There’s a real buzz. It’s nice to see so many people in manufacturing in one place trying to influence government over what they need to do to help manufacturing. ”

Stephen Wright, MD, Thorite

Manufacturing will have posted solid growth gains in 2014 if current trends continue. Critical to sustaining growth and improving productivity is the need to invest, innovate and have access to a wide talent pool.

As the 2015 General Election approaches our flagship National manufacturing conference - Make it Britain – manufacturing a renaissance - will address these issues.

Bringing together the ‘who’s who’ of manufacturing, politics and the media the EEF’s national manufacturing conference 2015 is the UK’s premier manufacturing event of the year.

Join us for the opportunity to:

  • Join hundreds of manufacturers to network, find new business opportunities and share best practice
  • Hear key note speeches from the main political parties and leading manufacturers
  • Vote in our interactive sessions and question experts in our panel discussions
  • Influence the agenda at a strategically important time and challenge political decision makers to create a better business environment
  • Play your part in demonstrating Britain is a manufacturing powerhouse

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“ The panel discussions were particularly good - seeing industry experts all dealing with the same challenges. It was rewarding and refreshing and meant that from a networking point of view you can get in touch with those people and find solutions. ”

Terts Ashibi, Managing Consultant, Newleaf

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Martin Wolf

Chief Economic Commentator, Financial Times

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Tony Walker

Toyota UK

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Nicola Salter

Williams F1

Terry Scuoler CEO eef

Terry Scuoler


Manufacturers’ dinner

michael portillo

Michael Portillo

Broadcaster and political commentator

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